Electric Vehicle Buying Guide

Electric Vehicle Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car

Source: Photo by Kindel Media: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-electric-car-charging-9800024/ 

We know that electric vehicles are the future of mobility. From companies making electric people movers for families to companies racing Formula-E racing cars, the electric vehicle market has grown so well. Today, we are discussing things you should consider before buying an electric vehicle or an electric car for you or your family.

But, before starting, let’s discuss the benefits of EVs. EVs have zero tailpipe exhaust and early adoption of EVs can give significant tax benefits to the end users. That makes EVs a lucrative option to purchase to save the planet and save running costs at the same time.

Buying an electric car can become a tricky affair and might become a complex decision for many. So, this article will help you to think about the points you should consider before buying an electric car.


Pricing plays a crucial role in selecting an Electric vehicle over an ICE vehicle. The EVs are expensive to purchase at first, but their running and maintenance costs are very low compared to an ICE vehicle. On top of that, governments across the world are providing heavy tax benefits and subsidies to purchase a new EV.

So, it makes more sense to consider the pricing of the purchase and ownership before making a decision to buy an EV.

Specifications and Requirements

As mentioned, you can buy an electric sportscar and an electric truck depending on your requirements. Do your homework and decide what features, capabilities, and body structure you want to purchase for your next electric car purchase.

EVs also have AWD systems, fast charging capabilities, autonomous driving capabilities, and many more optional things to choose from. Depending on your budget, the terrain you live in, and your requirements, you can select the right EV for you and your family..

Driving range

Having range anxiety is a common phenomenon for EV users. But, if you are buying an EV for city usage and the daily commute to your office, it makes more sense to get an EV. But, if you are going to use your vehicle for long drives and cross-country trips; getting an EV with poor charging infrastructure might give you hard times on the trips.

While checking the driving range, you should also focus on checking the charging time and capacity of the EV. Many cars come with fast charging and DC charging capability, which might charge the car from 0-100 in less than an hour. Still, that is a much longer time compared to the length of your gas station stops will be for a petrol or a diesel car.

Battery life and maintenance

Batteries and motors are the primary components of Electric vehicles. While batteries these days could last longer time ie 5 to 8 years depending on the usage and the technology used in the production. It is advised to check the real battery warranty from the manufacturer before getting your EV.

Getting a new battery for the drivetrain would cost a lot for an EV, thus make sure you do due diligence for the same.

Opt for hybrid options

Hybrid vehicles are also a great alternative to buying an electric vehicle only. By opting for a hybrid vehicle, you are getting benefits from both worlds. You don’t have to worry about range anxiety and you are also helping the environment by not using gas power all the time.

While you are on a road trip, you can simply fill up your fuel tank at a gas station and for local commute, you can use the plug-in hybrid system to run full electric.

Leasing vs Buying

As mentioned above, replacing batteries and crucial components in an electric vehicle might give you hard time. So, you can select between the leasing and buying options for your next electric car purchase. Leasing will give you overall peace of mind as you will only pay small chunks of payment and all your insurance and maintenance will be taken care by the company.


Choosing an electric car can become a tricky thing for you if you are not aware of the basics of the technologies getting used in the vehicle. But, you can ask yourself these basic questions first and then solve them while searching for the right car for yourself.


Is it sensible to buy an electric car today?

Depending on the country you live in and the benefits your government offers, you can make your decision. If your country offers a good charging infrastructure, you should definitely invest in buying an EV.

What to do if my batteries run out of charging?

You should take care that your EV should not run completely out of charge, otherwise it might damage the drivetrain components. You can call the remote charging vehicle to help you rescue yourself from that tricky situation.

Which component is the most important thing in an electric vehicle?

The battery pack is the most important component of an EV. It helps you propel the vehicle and store energy.

Can I improve the range of my EV?

You can drive the car gently, give minimal throttle inputs and use regenerative braking to maximize your car’s range.