What is a super app?

A super app is an application that has multiple functions and abilities in a single mobile application or a web application. It is a kind of Swiss Army Knife that provides a variety of uses to the end users. Super apps are trending these days as they offer great profitability to the business, customers, and operators; thus, every tech giant is trying to build and distribute their super app in the market and gain more benefits.

What features does a super app have?

A super app offers features like payment gateways, financial processing, an e-commerce website, communication and chat platform, and some features of social media as well.

So, from sharing your favorite photos and videos with your friends on the social media feed to making conversations with them; you can also order groceries or luxury items to make payment transactions online.

What are some of the famous examples of super apps?

There are various successful super apps available in the global markets. For example, Gojek is famous in the south-Asian markets. There are various services like GoRide, GoSHop, GoFood, and GoSend available in the same app interface.

Alipay and WeChat are also great examples of Super-apps. In the Indian market, Tata Group has also introduced its own super app named TataNeu. Tech giants like Meta have also made sure that they directly or indirectly compete in the super app category; as they also have control over Instagram and WhatsApp-like apps in their stable, plus now they are giving a payment feature on WhatsApp and you can also book Uber via WhatsApp.

In various counties, governments and people are criticizing the idea of having super apps in their countries. A Super App development company will get a lot of user power and hold a tonne of data. And, that is not a great idea to make a single tech company run a monopoly in the business.

What is the business model for a super app?

A super app generally runs on a Freemium model. All the users, integrating applications and vendors would pay once a transaction is made on the application or an advertisement is being run to promote their products and services.

Are super apps the future of mobile computing?

Super apps are replacing multiple apps for customers and corporate employees to run on a simple and single ecosystem with ease. Not all the Super App ideas are successful to scale, but the ones that get traction will rule the market share for sure.