What is the admission process for Kendriya Vidyalaya School (KVS)?

The value of education in anybody’s life can never be undermined. One becomes a rational human on account of accumulating knowledge from perceptible sources. Indubitably, one must inculcate multiple ideologies in one’s education system to accelerate the process of gaining knowledge. Many private and public educational sectors active in India come up with multiple principles to consolidate the learning processes. The practice of selecting the appropriate education center can be an overwhelming process in today’s era. Educating children with righteous methodologies is one of the most immediate concerns of parents. They do nourish a lot of apprehensions about how the institutes operate in the first place

 Pertaining to these concerns, one bright government school Kendriya Vidyalaya comes into the picture. It is an institute that specifically admits the children of parents who are employed in the public sector. The school stands on a vision to impart excellent education and increase innovation in the students. Below mentioned is the entire kvs admission process that can help potential applicants. 

The admission process of Kendriya Vidyalaya School (KVS)

KVS or Kendriya Vidyalaya School is an educational institute built with the purpose of educating the children of transferable/non-transferable government employees. The mission of the school is to deliver high-end education and parallelly nurture the creativity of the students. The Kendriya Vidyalaya admission process is straightforward and mentioned below to benefit all potential applicants. 


Before moving further to the kvs online admission process, below given are some rules that should be strictly followed by everyone –

  • Every applicant must fill out the form only once and if multiple forms are found pertaining to one child, then the last application form will be considered. All the previous forms will be disregarded. 
  • Every application should consist of mandatory details such as – a valid email ID, phone number, scanned photo, birth certificate, etc. 
  • The kvs admission form is considered to submit successfully if the applicant has positively registered on the portal and filled out the form. 
  • If in case, any information entered turns out to be incorrect, the applicant can cancel and reapply for admission anytime within the given window. 


After going through the rules carefully, let us now understand the Kendriya Vidyalaya admission process in depth. 

  • The first-time user must register on the KV portal by filling in all the mandatory fields. The form prompts you to submit your name, date of birth, email ID, phone number, and captcha code. Upon successful completion of the form, the page asks you to fill in an OTP on the registered mobile number. After successfully following the screen details, the login code is generated.  
  • Login to the kvs online admission portal with the help of the credentials. You will notice an admission form displayed on the screen that will be classified into 5 major sections. The 5 parts of the form are – basic information, details of parents, choice of the locations, documents, declaration, and submission. You must save the information in every section. Lastly, it allows previewing of the application to encounter and fix any unwanted faults. 
  • Upon successful submission of the duly filled form, the screen will again prompt you to enter OTP which will ensure the completion of the kvs admission process. Applicants must make a note that the submitted form will no longer be available to edit the entered information.
  • In case, the candidate realizes that the entered information is faulty, can always cancel the form and reapply to the same position in the given window. The previous admission code on the application form will be degraded immediately. 


All the KV schools are affiliated with CBSE, and the teaching quality is kept significantly appropriate. The fees for male students stand nil till class VIII and Class XII for female candidates. The mission of the institution guarantees to not only educate children with quality techniques but also promote talent and innovation. Hence, kvs admission stands as a great opportunity for your child to learn and grow into a responsible individual. 


What is the category of parents in KV admission?

Candidates enter the eligibility criteria for kvs admission if they fall in either of the 4 categories based on their parents’ role. 

  • Employees of the central government.
  • A government employee who got transferred from his base location in the last 7 years. 
  • Any employee of the organization that holds more than 51% shares under the government. 
  • Government employee with an only girl child. 

What is the age limit of the children for kvs admission?

Any child who is between 6 and 16 years of age falls appropriate for admission to the school provided no education gap. The authorities can relax up to 2 years of age in case the child is especially disabled.