Can you change your Visa into other Visa once landed in Australia?

Yes, you can change your visa once you have landed in Australia. But there are certain conditions associated with it. If the change of visa is preconceived with the intention of changing the Visa after entering Australia and getting caught up by the Immigration Authorities. You will be barred forever from entering Australia. Many cases of illegal Immigrants are registered by the Australian Government. Let’s understand this with an example – While applying for the visitor visa (For Business Or Tourism), You had shared your intention of Visiting Australia. Same Intention you have shared with the Australian Immigration authorities at the time of Visa on Arrival. 

In the above example, the Immigration officer presumption of misrepresentation If the Visa holder shows the expression of interest (EOI) of Visa Change within 90 days of the visit. After that Immigration Authorities do a proper investigation to Re-Verify your intentions. 

Violation of Status Indications Within 90 Days –

1. Caught unauthorized employment.

2. Marrying an Australian Citizen Or PR holder and booking residence in Australia.

3. Take admission in any of the education programs without changing the visa status.

Violation of Status Indications after 90 Days –

In case you succeed in changing your visa status within 90 days and got admission to Australia. Approval from visa authorities doesn’t mean you are free. Immigration authorities can call you anytime to test your intentions after 90 Days.

Misrepresentation of Legal Elements – 

1. If You are caught up giving false information in a verbal interview or in the written application. Silence doesn’t constitute misrepresentation.

2. Willful Misrepresentation – With this we mean, information is shared with the intention to trick immigration authorities into getting visa approval. Such activity may bar you from entering Australia for a lifetime.

3. You cannot blame someone else for the misrepresented information shared with you.

4. In case your visa agent or lawyer shared the false information on your behalf and you are totally aware of this fact. Visa applicants are responsible for this miscode of conduct.

5. Arrange the false documents in Australia and present the same documents to the visa authorities for the sake of visa approval. Such applications will be dealt with by visa Authorities strictly.

After reading this useful information, we advise you to retract the information as soon as possible shared by you to avoid permanent prohibition from Australia. In case, you are not aware of which information to share and hide. Take legal assistance from Immigration Lawyers. Their experienced lawyers make you aware of the facts that need to reveal in front of the immigration authorities so that you save yourself from getting prohibited from Australia. 

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