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3 Awesome Glossy Laminates for Cupboards and Kitchens

Laminates are a common material used to finish the surfaces of furniture and walls in homes. Laminate is a flexible material that is favored above other interior decorations because of its elegant look, craftsmanship, and reasonable price. Industrial, domestic, and other recreational environments all use laminates. You, therefore, have a wide range of options regarding palettes and finishes if you are thinking about using laminate for any upcoming home improvement project. 

In the majority of homes, using laminate for cupboards and kitchens is becoming more and more common. It enhances the attractiveness of the location and complements the aesthetics of the house. In this article, we’ll give the readers a brief on laminating one’s kitchen and cupboards, which type is very popular nowadays, and how to maintain them, so that they can last long.

Laminates: Definition 

To mimic wood, laminate is an artificial surfacing material that consists of several layers of components like acrylic varnish and fibrous wood. Synthetic ornamental laminates are made from reusable or recyclable polymers. Laminate panels are flat layers that are adhered to a foundation, often plywood, to give them rigidity.

Type of Laminates:

The world is getting bolder, trendier, and much more vivacious. Additionally, you would also want to make your place appealing. The most important stage in making your dwelling more beautiful is the decor. When it comes to excellent decoration, laminates are important. Using laminates in the kitchen is very trendy nowadays.

Depending on their manufacturing process, surface finish, intended use, and other characteristics, laminates are divided into three main categories.

  1. In high-pressure laminates, ornamental panels are fused and bound together using elevated pressure. They can support enormous weights and are quite strong.
  1. Conventional and mini laminate panels are self-reliant laminates that don’t require any additional hardwood or plywood to be employed.
  1. Ornamental laminates are well-known for their attractiveness and accessibility in a range of designs, shapes, hues, and finishes.

Laminate Finishes

Matte and gloss are the two fundamental varieties of lamination finishes. In fact, among the most crucial choices in interior design is whether to use matte or gloss laminate while decorating your home. However, using Hi Gloss laminates for kitchen and cupboards comes out as the clear winner. Hardly anything compares to high-gloss laminates for giving your home a distinctive, polished, and creative touch.

Why should you install High Gloss Laminates in your Kitchen?

It is crucial to choose the appropriate laminate for the kitchen since the finishing of the kitchen may have an impact on the layout of your home. Speaking about glossy finish kitchen laminates, these are simple to clean, therefore any obvious flaws might not be a huge concern because you can effectively clean them. These are excellent for compact homes since they give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. Such laminates are appropriate for a custom kitchen, not for houses.

The High Gloss Laminate offers glamorous panels that are elegant and lustrous and have flawless cleanable finishes. They also give your home a much grander appearance. They give your kitchen that sleek, contemporary appearance. The colour and brightness are enhanced with glossy lamination, which creates a dazzling, crystal look. In addition, glossy finish laminates are particularly tolerant of high temperatures, damage, and other elements, so the sheen lasts longer.

3 Types of Glossy Laminates that could be the perfect fit for your Kitchen and Cupboards:

  1. Lucida Hi-Gloss Laminates – These were carefully chosen to create perfect, sumptuous environments. Such lustrous laminates for kitchens are elegant, strong, and have a crystal surface that gives them an unrivalled luxury appearance. Lucida laminates are the ideal partner for many home décor requirements since they have a fierce resistance to blemishes, spills, and erosion.
  1. Minimal High Gloss Kitchen Laminates – Such glossy finish kitchen laminates are an example of the saying “simple is best” in action. The visual effect is modest despite the exceptional gloss finish. Less is more when it comes to laminates. They complement every design style and furniture style. Individuals will be given a wide variety of alternatives to choose from because they are available in several hues.
  1. High Gloss Kitchen Laminates for  Vintage look – Choose tan glossy finish laminate for the kitchenette and cabinets if you like the superb antique appearance. The kitchen will amaze anyone with its sophisticated appearance. Since the style of these antique glossy finish kitchen laminates is so beautiful on its own, there isn’t anything extra to add to them. The gilded embellishments can be changed to suit your preferences. 

How to maintain the glossy laminates?

Laminates are by far the most commonly heard materials in architectural spaces, from walls to furnishings. In terms of furnishings, kitchenettes with high gloss laminated finishes are currently becoming increasingly popular. In comparison to many more premium alternatives, laminates are less costly, better enduring, and more resilient to damage, and staining. They also come in a choice of colours and finishes.

However, given their continual usage, laminate finishes are susceptible to deterioration and fracture similar to any other product. The following advice must be read if you wish to maintain their glossy finish:

  • Although laminates could withstand a lot of abuse, pointy things tend to damage them. Therefore, when cleaning surfaces, be careful to avoid using pointy items or harsh products like metal cleaners.
  • Overall, continued exposure to sunshine causes laminates to deteriorate. To avoid fading, maintain laminate furnishings out of the full sun.
  • To prevent damage, clean the surface promptly after water or another liquid spills on that too.
  • Avoid using scrubbing pads, bleaching, wire mesh, or powerful toxic cleansers. Over time, this will cause the shiny laminates to discolour.
  • The easiest approach to maintain the laminated finish of your cabinetry is to regularly sweep with a microfiber sponge.
  • Usually, a light, fresh wipe may be used to erase traces from the laminate.
  • Use a gentle, moderately clean towel to remove any stains that remain after brushing.
  • Avoid immediately putting cleansers on the laminate surfaces, even if they are light ones since they could leave stains. Use a moist wiping towel and a washing brush to apply the solvent.
  • Employ napkins and sheets to shield kitchen cabinet tops from accidents, discolouration, and too much heating.

Since laminate is non-sticky, germs and microorganisms cannot build up on top itself, but they can gather in the cracks and crevices when exposed to the greasy vapours in the kitchen. It’s crucial to maintain these elements, and mild, foamy solvents work well for the job.

Several enterprises produce high gloss laminates, however, CenturyLaminates stand out among them for their affordability, style, and durability. To meet the demands of varied people, they are created carefully and according to professional criteria.