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Best 3 Stock Brokers in India

Stock market is the traditional financial market. Traders buy and sell various shares of the companies to earn profits. However, the volatility of the market makes it challenging for traders. 

Therefore, to support traders there are various stock brokers available. In India traders can find a good range of stock brokers but finding the best one requires knowledge. 

So, here we’ll be discussing the best 3 stock brokers in India. 

Top Stock Brokers in India

Stock brokers are the financial professionals that support traders in execution of orders with different features and services. They execute the trade on behalf of their clients. 

Traders must have come across many stock brokers in the market. Below we have discussed the top three stock brokers in India. These registered brokers offer top-notch services and help in easy trading. 


Zerodha is said to be India’s number one stock broker. It is the largest and most popular brokerage firm that offers online flat fee discount services to trade in equities, currencies, commodities, IPO and direct mutual funds. 

Besides, the platform charges zero brokerage fee. The excellent online trading platform, low brokerage fees and transparency makes it a great choice. The features of broker include: 

  • Active clients, market volume and new customer acquisition
  • Partnership with Binance, the largest exchange in the market
  • Safe and reliable online stock broker
  • Offers advanced trading tools 
  • Charges zero brokerage fees for equity delivery and mutual funds 
  • Maximum brokerage of Rs. 20 per trade, which is low compared to other brokers
  • Leverage facility is available 
  • The platform is suitable for different levels of traders 

Angel One

Angel one has been offering services in India since 1987. The years of experience of the broker makes it a good choice for stock traders in India. The broker is the largest full service retail broker in India. It offers online discount brokerage services. 

The broker has a wide range of trading services such as stock trading, commodity trading, margin funding and investment advisory services. Besides, the broker has a strong neighbourhood with 110 branches, 11000 sub-brokerage offices in more than 1800 cities. 

The features of the brokerage firm includes: 

  • Low brokerage charges 
  • Full brokerage service
  • Flat brokerage fees of only Rs. 20 across segments
  • Free advisory tips for equities and mutual funds
  • Option to trade in corporate bonds 
  • 3 in 1 account
  • Free trading calls
  • Free research reports
  • SMS alerts
  • Margin funding 
  • Margin against share 


Groww broker is another great choice for India traders. It is an innovative trading platform. Set up in 2016 the brokerage firm was founded by Lalit Kesher. The brokerage firm is referred to as having the ideal for professionals and newbies of the market. 

Everything on the platform is done electronically which gives traders an ease of investment. Traders can do everything online without any physical mobility. Clients can access various services at the platform. 

The brokerage charges of the platform are related to the various kinds of investment. It has minimal fees, various assets, tools and indicators to guide traders. Traders can easily open their demat account and trade at the platform. 

The product and services available at the platform are: 

  • Equity trading 
  • Commodity trading 
  • Currency trading 
  • Options 
  • Futures 
  • Mutual funds

Features of Groww: 

  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Clean user-interface 
  • One-click order placement
  • Instant paperless account opening 
  • Candlestick charts 
  • Complete information on all listed Indian companies 
  • Latest news and insights 
  • Real time price updates 
  • In-app support and help section 
  • Facility to chat with customer helpdesk


Best three stock brokers in India is the introduction to the top brokers available in India. Traders can choose from the top three Zerodha, Angel one and Groww. These three have the best of features, services and tools to analyse the market. 

Traders can choose Zerodha for best of trading, low charges and various assets. Angel one is good for the best services with years of experience. Groww has the candlestick pattern, real time updates and good support. 

All are excellent for their services, traders can find the one that is suitable for their trade and make effortless trade.