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How do I start Trading Forex?: Beginners Guide 

Forex trading has been the centre of attraction for many years. Traders prefer trading in various currencies in hope to profit. Trading in the forex market is easy as it requires less funds, however, the chances of success are low.

So, to make better trades online and have a successful trading career traders need to learn how to start trading forex. They can improve their knowledge and skills to trade in various currencies online. 

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is buying and selling of currencies. It is a decentralised market that offers traders with various currencies to pair and make online trades. The exchange rate of currencies is of most significance as based on that traders trade and earn. 

The market operates 24/7 and has a low trading rate which makes a highly liquid market. Although the volatility of the market offers opportunities and involves high risks as well.

How to start Forex Trading?

Here, we’ll be discussing the steps that traders can follow to begin their forex trade. They can know more about forex trading and have a closer look at the market to plan their first trade and make most of it. 

Know and Analyse Forex Market

Trading currencies is not easy as the market keeps fluctuating. Traders have to analyse, research and have good market insights for favourable trades. Educating is the first step to learn about the forex market and which currency pairs they can consider for trading. 

Based on the research and analysis traders can get insights into the market and decide the currency pair they would like to trade. 

Select A Reputable Forex Broker

Selection of a reputable forex broker is necessary for profitable trading. The market is huge and there are a range of forex brokers that traders can analyse to find the best one. 

In selection of the right forex broker traders can consider the following qualities: 

  • Security of the platform 
  • Regulatory body 
  • Transaction cost
  • Deposit and withdrawal
  • Ease of use
  • Customer service
  • Trading platform
  • Additional features and services

Open a Trading Account

Once a trader has analysed the market and selects the reputable broker then they can open their trading account. They have to visit the website of the broker, fill in the required details, get verification and open their account. 

Beginners can choose demo account trading initially to improve their trading skills and knowledge. 

Choose a Currency Pair

Trading in the forex market is to exchange currencies one for another to earn. Forex trading is a continuous process where one currency is bought and another sold for maintaining the frequency. 

Therefore, currencies are traded in pairs. Traders can analyse and select the currency pair that would help them earn money. Some of the common currency pairs are EUR/USD, AUD/USD and GBP/USD. 

Start with Demo Account

Demo account is a feature that online forex brokers offer. It provides traders with a live market environment to trade with virtual funds. So, traders can trade without any loss. 

Brokers offer demo accounts for different time periods. Traders can use the service to learn about trading platforms, tools and assets with live market experience. 

Go Live!

Once a trader gets experience and has selected a currency pair then they can begin with live trading. They can change to a live trading account, deposit funds and begin trading online. 

Using the tools available at the platform traders can read quotes of currencies, make their predictions and trade. They can pick their trading position, either they can buy or sell the currency pairs. 

It is important to know the trading position for successful trading. 


Trading in financial markets requires good knowledge of the market. Traders can buy and sell currencies they have selected for trading with good market understanding. In the article, traders can know what forex trading is and how they can begin forex trading. 

Within some easy steps traders can have their account, choose currency pairs and have live trading. Besides, the demo account makes trading easy with a virtual trading experience.