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How To Find Portfolio Lenders To Purchase a Skip-Traced Home?

Portfolio Lenders can deliver you a benefit you can never expect from them because they don’t have any agreement with government agencies. They lend money on their own. People who have already borrowed a loan from any government-insured lender commonly look for Portfolio Lenders to purchase another home because government-insured lenders don’t have any problem when you borrow a loan from Portfolio Lenders. They don’t interfere in your matters if you have decided to purchase another home through Portfolio Lenders.

This article discusses borrowers who want to purchase a home through Portfolio Lenders. We’ll give you a direction to finding the best and cheap home to get a pre-approval from your Portfolio Lender with ease quickly. We’d also mention some of the best and most famous Portfolio Lenders to give a direction. We’ll discuss the home selection process first. Later, we’d talk about the Portfolio Lenders.

How To Find a Skip-Traced House?

The first thing is to select a qualifying property. Doing this is 100% necessary either you borrow a Government-Insured or Portfolio Lenders loan. Getting pre-approval from your lender is ultimately necessary before starting other steps. We’ll give you this direction first before continuing to the other steps.

The reason you need to purchase a Skip-Traced house is simple. Skip-Traced properties are of those homeowners who want to get rid of them in less than no time. These properties require a bit of money for its repairs. You can easily convince those homeowners to sell that property cheaply. The homeowners are already stressed and looking for a buyer to show up. So they take no time to sell that property.

It would be best if you worked with some Skip-Tracers to find a qualifying property. Later you can pitch that property to your Portfolio Lenders for entering the pre-approval phase. Numerous Skip-Tracers are helping borrowers to see the qualifying properties, but which one suits you primarily depends on your will. Our suggestion goes with Lert Skip Tracing because it offers cheap leads than others. You can get a list of Skip-Traced homes in your areas through Lert Skip Tracing. 

You can view this content to learn more about Lert Skip Tracing, but here is the process you must follow to find a Skip-Traced home and get pre-approval from your Portfolio Lender.

  1. Find a Skip-Traced Home Through Skip-Tracing Agencies
  2. Show That Home To Your Portfolio Lender
  3. Prepare Your Income Proof and Credit Score Documents
  4. Get Financing From Your Portfolio Lender
  5. Purchase The Home and Live Your Life Happily

These 5 steps must be followed. Here’s how to do this:

Find a Skip-Traced Home Through Skip-Tracing Agencies

I’ve already mentioned Lert Skip Tracing. You can get help from Lert Skip Tracing or Batch Skip Tracing to find homeowners having distressed properties. Email them and tell them that you want to purchase a home that requires less cost on maintenance and the homeowner is willing to sell it cheaply. They will approach those homeowners to tell them about your case. They will reply to your email if they find any homeowner who can act upon your event.

Show That Home To Your Portfolio Lender

You can show that home to your Portfolio Lender after getting tips from Skip Tracers. Your Portfolio Lender will agree to give a pre-approval because Skip-Tracers have the expertise to find the best qualifying properties. Investors and Wholesalers approach them for this purpose. You can continue towards the 3rd step after knowing about your next home and getting pre-approval from your Portfolio Lender.

Prepare Your Income Proof and Credit Score Documents

The 3rd thing is to prepare your documented income proof and earn the credit scores of your lender’s demand. In FHA Loans, the demanded Credit Scores are at least 500-580. In Conventional Loans, the Credit Scores demand is at least 580-640. In Jumbo Loans, it reaches 680-740. Your Portfolio Lender’s order is also dependent on him. He can ask for 500-640 Credit Scores before approving your financing.

You must earn the best score of at least 580 to convince your Portfolio Lender. Hopefully, he’ll approve your financing if you show a 580 Credit Score. The other things included are the DTI Scores and Down Payments. Again FHA Loan Lenders agree to your loan on 3.5% of the Down Payment, but purchasing Mortgage Insurance Premium is also necessary. These ongoing insurance premiums are purchased in government-insured loans, but Portfolio Lenders won’t ask for this. You must complete every step to convince your Portfolio Lender to get financing approvals.

Get Financing From Your Portfolio Lender

You’ll surely get financing for your next upcoming home if you have completed everything according to your lender’s will. Whether you borrow a loan from Portfolio or Government-Insured Lenders, meeting the requirements is necessary to avoid disappointments.

Purchase The Home and Live Your Life Happily

That’s the moment every borrower waits for when he struggles hard to get his loan approved. You can happily shift towards your new home and pay the money through your Portfolio Lender. That’s the entire process, but finding the Portfolio Lenders is still challenging. We’d already mentioned revealing the direction leading you to a perfect Portfolio Lender.

How To Find a Perfect Portfolio Lender?

It would be best if you did that first, but I had to mention the entire process before revealing this strategy.

Finding a Portfolio Lender is very easy. You need a laptop or android phone to do this work. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Chrome on your laptop or android phone
  • Search for “Portfolio Lenders Near Me”
  • See the Portfolio Lenders in the Google Search Results and look for lenders having good reviews
  • Approach that Portfolio Lender and tell them about yourself

That’s all. The lenders will show interest in working with you when they see your strong profile. It is recommended to prepare your strong portfolio before approaching the Portfolio Lenders. The rest process is already mentioned, but finding a Portfolio Lender is also necessary, which I’ve revealed now. So what are you waiting for? Find a Portfolio Lender and continue working with him until you purchase your dream home.

Final Words

So that’s how you can purchase a Skip-Traced home through Portfolio Lenders. It seems easy to read, but practical implementation will be more challenging. So never underestimate a single point to get quick approval and shift into your new dream home. The interest rate depends on the lender you work with. That’s why I haven’t mentioned it. That’s all for now. Drop a comment if you have questions on this topic.