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Tips For Choosing A Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

A good t-shirt printing company will always provide great service and quality. But finding the best printing service for your need is challenging, and you must tick some key factors before hiring a printing company for your custom tee order.

After reading the tips, you will have a clear view of how to choose the best printing company. Here, you will also get to know about the cost-cutting and benefits of bulk tee orders. Let’s get down and check out the top tips for choosing a custom t-shirt printing company. 

Number of T-shirts

First thing first, you need to determine the number of t-shirts that you need. You need to be aware that there will always be waste and need to have some extra stock of t-shirts in hand. The number of t-shirts can be few or huge based on your requirement.

If you have a small business and need some custom t-shirts for the employees, then the number will be easy to calculate. But if you need a huge collection of custom t-shirts for promotional events, then you need to have a clear idea about your audience base.

It is essential for you to collect customer data and find out a specific number of t-shirts needed. Small quantity custom t-shirt orders are not accepted by most top printing companies. You can ask for assistance from companies like Print Britannia as they accept both bulk and small quantity orders. Bulk custom t-shirt order is always great to reduce the cost of each tee.

Type of Custom T-shirt

Custom t-shirts can be printed in long sleeves, short sleeves, small to large sizes, and many other forms. If you need a custom t-shirt for employees, you can do measurements before the order. Place the order with the tee measurement on hand without any hassle.

The main trouble starts when you order a custom tee for trade or events. You don’t exactly know what the size of your audience will be. For that, you should collect regional t-shirt data and create a size ratio accordingly. Long sleeves are often considered for winter seasons, and short sleeves are for the hot summer.

The Reputation of the Printing Company

There are lots of printing companies to choose from for bulk orders. In this digital era, it is relatively easy to find out the service quality of a printing company. Most of the top printing company has their online presence, and previous customers often leave their reviews there.

You can check them out and get a decent idea about custom t-shirt services from different companies. I have found positive feedback all around about Print Britannia. They deliver top quality for all types of custom t-shirt orders. Besides, they also offer same-day delivery based on your order quantity. 

Custom Design of the T-Shirt

The design of the t-shirt is the most important thing. You need to talk with your chosen printing company and share your design with them. Different design printing asks for different types of approaches. Create a perfect custom design and share it with the printing company.

Few companies offer graphic design facilities too. If you need an all-in-one solution for your custom t-shirt printing, then you should go with Print Britannia. They will provide you with a full fledge solution for custom t-shirt printing.

Delivery Time

Most of the t-shirt printing london based companies offer one-day delivery. If you need a small quality custom t-shirt, you can get them delivered in one day call. Make sure your chosen company’s one-day delivery service is available in your zone.

Bulk orders will need more than one day. Share your requirement with the printing company, and they will give you a delivery date. It would be best if you started the custom t-shirt printing one or two weeks before the events or campaigns.

Cost of the T-shirt

Custom T-shirt printing is relatively inexpensive if you have a bulk order in hand. The cost margin almost reduces to half when you go for big orders. Small quantity orders need the same effort, and thus the cost goes high. Try to contact different printing companies before you place your order.

Go with the best price that you can get. But it would help if you also remembered that quality is always above quantity. It will always backfire in the long run if you choose the other way around. Try to balance the quality and cost of the custom tee.

Deal with a Return Policy

The tee printing company logo and reviews might be very eye-catching. But what if they are all hoaxes and of no use? You might have ordered with confidence but ended up with some cheap quality tee. Well, that is why you need to check the return policy of the company.

Tell them about their responsibility and what you really need. Set a return policy before you confirm the order. Take your time and set a meeting with them. Once the return terms are final, you can place the order without any significant risk.

Final Verdict

You already know the things that you need to check when choosing a custom t-shirt printing company. I am here just to share with you the right tips and details. You need to take your time and make the right design for your custom tee orders.

If you need any further details, feel free to contact us anytime you want. Our goal is to cover every aspect of the printing arena. You can also check our other articles for more details about printing companies. Keep coming back for more shortly.