How to Think Outside the Box While Designing Pillow Boxes?

Being able to think outside the box needs much creativity. You need to consider many factors for designing functional as well as beautiful packaging boxes for your business. In the current era, packaging boxes of numerous styles are available in the market for a variety of products. The most unique and attractive ones are pillow packaging boxes. The innovative shape of these boxes attracts customers and gives your products an aesthetic appeal. You can design these boxes further using advanced customization techniques like printing, coloring, and coating. Furthermore, when you print these boxes with brand details, they will serve as an effective marketing technique. Regardless of the size and quantity of your products, you can get pillow packaging wholesale for your business. However, here are some of the unique ways to design pillow packaging for better results.


As the shape of packaging boxes is already decided. Now you need to choose the packaging materials. Obviously, you won’t like to destroy the appearance of customized Pillow Boxes just by choosing cheap quality packaging materials. That’s why you need to select durable Kraft, cardboard, bux board, or cardstock materials that will give a professional appearance to the packaging boxes. these packaging materials are not only reliable but safe for the environment as well.

You can use these materials to make pillow packaging boxes of any size. Furthermore, you can decide the thickness of custom packaging boxes per your needs. The corrugated paper materials will add strength to pillow packaging boxes. these boxes will protect your products against dust, moisture, pathogens, and other elements.


The one-of-a-kind shape of custom pillow boxes has the ability to attract customers. You can design these boxes further by printing colors that will enhance the appeal. It is good to choose the colors that reflect your motive behind the product.

For example, if your products are for Halloween, valentine’s day, Easter, Thanksgiving, weddings, or other such events, you should select the colors accordingly. Moreover, don’t make a such color combination that looks unattractive. Each color should complement other colors in an attractive manner.

You can color custom pillow packaging based on the theme of your business as well. Other than that, if you offer chocolaty food products, you should print colors that will reflect their taste. The same will be the case with spicy, salty, cheesy, or sour food items. You can attract customers only by choosing color schemes that look attractively relevant on pillow product boxes.


After coloring pillow packaging, it’s time to print typography. You need to tell customers about your business by printing essential information on the personalized pillow packaging. First, select the details you want to print and later decide on the fonts. The typography should be readable for the customers otherwise they might get confused with your products.

The most important information to provide is the name of your business. You can highlight the brand name or logo using embossing, debossing, or gold/silver foiling techniques. These will enhance the appearance of brand info and make it more memorable. The perfectly printed brand details will make it easy for customers to remember your brand for future purchases.

Furthermore, you should tell customers the ingredients, benefits, and expiry dates of your products. If you want to package makeup items inside pillow packaging boxes, you should print ingredient details along with possible side effects to ease customers. Don’t make them move to other brands by not providing sufficient information. Plus, if you want to put your products on retail shelves, print the barcode on the boxes.


To further design pillow packaging, you can utilize various add-on options. For example, you can use embossing and debossing techniques to design unique elements on custom-printed pillow boxes. furthermore, the stickers and ribbons will upgrade the outlook of pillow packaging. You can also add custom handles made of paper materials or laces to make your pillow packaging more functional. Many brands even add window cutouts to give customers a sneak peek of inside products. If the products are candies, the window-containing pillow packaging will be best. You can cut the window on the center or side of these boxes per your choice. Moreover, give customized pillow packaging boxes a glittery touch with the latest foiling techniques. You can also print personalized messages on these boxes customers demand

Final Touch

At the end give a final touch to custom-designed pillow boxes by applying the coating. You can select from glossy, matte, and UV spot coating per your choice. Different coatings will give different finished appearances to the packaging boxes. for example, UV spot and glossy coating will give a shiny while matte coating with give a satin outlook. Besides that, the coating will protect pillow packaging boxes against dust, moisture, and intense UV rays. This way, you will design packaging that not only looks attractive but also keep your products safe from damage. Customers like product packaging that looks eye-catchy because they want the best for themselves. If you provide products in cheap packaging boxes, customers will never buy from you in the future.