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Decorative And Durable Laminates That Help Your Home Endure Anything!

Laminates are growing increasingly popular for their trendy options and durability to all types of external stimuli. They can transform the look of a piece and catch guests’ attention. They are preferred over other forms of finishes due to their long-lasting quality. Read on to learn more about laminates and the grades to look for in viable options.

What are decorative laminates?

Decorative laminates are applied on furniture surfaces and wall panels. They are available in different themes, colours, and textures to serve as a medium of artistic expression. Most designers favour the idea of laminates with the core of your choice instead of traditional plywood.

Decorative laminates are manufactured under high-pressure or low-pressure conditions. The extremes are preferred to impart durability and strength. Another mode of manufacturing is under continuous pressure situations to craft more detailed laminates. All these processes ensure adequate integrity is imparted to the laminates to form sturdy exteriors with excellent designs.

What should you look for in laminates?

Laminates are available in all kinds of qualities, designs, and traits. Choosing the right kind of laminate will decide its lifespan, structural support, and freshness of arrangements. Here are the essential qualities you should look for before purchasing laminates:

  1. Warranty

A warranty for laminates is essential to ensure your furniture and wall panels stay as installed for long durations. Suitable quality laminates have higher warranty periods which acts as a safety blanket and assures you about the nature of your investment.

Typically, a warranty period of ten years is considered significant for laminates’ quality. Investing in products with more substantial warranty periods is generally advisable compared to cheaper options that may need frequent repairs and replacements, which increases the cost of ownership.

  1. Colour retainment

Suitable quality laminates retain colour and remain bright throughout their lifespan. The freshness of designs and textures shouldn’t dull down in short time spans to maintain the look of the house. Researching the colour retainment assured by companies will help you pick the correct manufacturers.

Retainment of quality is incredibly subjective to the piece at hand. Some laminates are designed to last a few years and are made for easy replacements when their designs are purely based on current fashion trends. Depending on your needs, you can browse through your options before selecting the appropriate variety.

  1. Resistance to pests

Wood is prone to pest attacks which can destroy its integrity. Laminates forming the outer covering are crucial to the protection of the interior due to their ability to resist all external agents. It is sturdy and non-favorable for pest consumption, making it a favourable choice for most customers. All CenturyLaminates are constructed with Virokill technology which makes laminates anti-bacterial and anti-virus.

  1. Range of options

Laminates offer various designs and textures. Good manufacturers present you with all kinds of options that bode well with your space’s aesthetics. You can even choose to craft a room around laminates as centrepieces due to their eye-catching abilities.

The colour variations and patterns laminates are manufactured in are ever-changing based on the designs produced by contemporary designers. Your interior designer will not find it hard to choose laminates to fit all your ideas and constraints due to the sheer number of options available in the market.

  1. Thickness and quality

The thickness of laminates varies from 0.4 mm to 1 mm. This is entirely customizable to suit your needs and requirements. The thickness plays a significant role in the overall look of the furniture or the wall panel it is applied on, as it has to adapt well with other materials used in the area.

Quality certifications of laminates are immensely useful in determining the best options in the market. Good manufacturers proudly display their verifiable certificates, to instill confidence in customers. This helps you filter the companies to purchase your laminates.

  1. Ease of operation

Quality laminates are compatible with machining and other processes to fit the needs of the carpenter. They should be consistent with tools and easy to handle by most workers to ensure ease of application. Their versatile nature is tested when customers want to apply them in multiple settings to form a well-rounded look to the house.

Most carpenters can handle standard qualities of laminates which aren’t too complicated with their design requirements. To plan your budget better, it is advisable to choose options that are standard and can be handled by competent workers to avoid extra brokerage charges.


Laminates are incredibly useful outer casings for furniture and wall panels. They are durable and available in many decorative options to fit your fashion vision. Their warranty, colour retainment, pest resistance, thickness, and ease of operation are essential qualities to consider while purchasing products.

CenturyLaminates offers excellent quality laminates, which are incredibly versatile to suit your needs. They are affordable and available in a wide range of contemporary designs to help you design your space. They have a long history of happy customers and ample experience to guide you with all your concerns. Contact CenturyLaminate today and make your laminate choice!