Mobile Security Patrols: What Do They Do and How Can They Help You?
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Mobile Security Patrols: What Do They Do and How Can They Help You?

With the increasing threat of crime and vandalism, it’s important to ensure that your premises are well-protected. Mobile security patrols provide a great way to do this, but what do they actually do? Find out in this article how mobile security patrols help protect you and your property, plus some tips on how to choose the right service for your needs.

How Do Mobile Security Officers Work?

Maximum sites can be visited and supported by a mobile security officer during any given shift. As a result, individuals require extensive training in order to make wise choices and take appropriate action when problems develop.

A Mobile Security Shift Typically Involves:

systematically and “randomly” patrols locations, frequently after hours while vacant

scheduled locking and unlocking while customers are not there

if a client intrusion system is engaged, responds to alerts

takes unauthorized individuals off of the private property

provides customers with safe walks by accompanying their employees to their vehicles at night. This supports the static coverage officers in case of emergencies.

What Are a Mobile Security Officer’s Duties and Roles?

They are responded to and sent by mobile security officers from various security monitoring stations. This includes those for burglaries, fires, missed 911 calls, and anything else requiring access to structures after normal business hours. Additionally, they inspect client areas to determine whether:

Deficiencies or risks to the property

suspect behavior

doors that should be secured but are unlocked

Unauthorized individual(s) present

Mobile Security Officers are provided with uniforms as well as a designated, well-kept vehicle to stand out and signal their presence.

What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Security Patrol?

One of the main benefits of an app for mobile patrol is that it can help to deter crime. By having a visible security presence, potential criminals are less likely to target property or businesses. Mobile security patrols can also provide a quick response in the event of an incident, which can help to minimize damage and disruption.

Another benefit of mobile security patrols is that they can help to create a safer environment for employees, customers, and other occupants. This is especially important in areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic. Mobile security patrols can help identify and resolve safety hazards before they become serious problems.

Finally, mobile security patrols can provide peace of mind for property owners and managers. Knowing that there is someone keeping an eye on things can help to ease anxiety and stress levels.

Importance of Mobile Patrol App

There are several reasons why you need a mobile patrol app. Some of the major reasons are mentioned below. 

  1. It serves dual purposes: An app for mobile patrol allows you to quickly report suspicious activities, reach the authorities for help, and scan NFC chips or a barcode to deal with clearance. It also allows you to make calls and record videos. With the invention of mobile patrol apps, security guards can easily store a variety of important tools in a signal device. 
  2. Offers an improved range: Mobile Patrol app allows you to choose between video chats or a walkie-talkie. It also comes with the feature of audio recording. The better range is very important for days of long patrolling. An app for mobile patrol ensures that you receive a far-reaching range. It is way better than two-way radios. 
  3. Tracking and Reporting are made simpler: The app for mobile patrol uses GPS technology for tracking purposes. It informs you of the accurate location of the guards so that you can report them in times of emergency. Also, it keeps a detailed track of guards if required for legal reasons in the future. Mobile patrol apps have the feature of syncing reports. That means guards are free from the headache of managing a bulk of paperwork. It saves time and cuts down on expenses. Reports can be auto-filled and sent to the authorized superior. 

What Kind of Training Do Security Officers Need for Mobile Patrols?

Security officers who patrol on foot or in vehicles need to be trained in a variety of skills. They must be able to observe their surroundings and identify potential threats. They also need to know how to use the equipment they are carrying, such as radios and batons.

In addition, security officers need to be familiar with the area they are patrolling. They should know the layout of the streets and buildings, and where the potential hazards are located. This knowledge helps them respond quickly to incidents and helps them keep people safe.

How Can Mobile Security Patrolling Help You?

Most people are familiar with the term “security guard.” But what is a mobile security patrol? And how can it help you?

A mobile security patrol is a security service that involves guards patrolling an area on foot or in vehicles. Mobile patrols are often used to supplement other security measures, such as stationary guards or CCTV cameras.

There are many benefits to using mobile security patrols. First, they provide a visible presence that can deter crime. Second, they can quickly respond to any incidents that do occur. Third, they can cover large areas more effectively than stationary guards or cameras.

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve the security of your property, mobile security patrolling may be the right solution for you.


 With Novagems, you can put an end to troubles related to vandalism, theft, and trespassing. Our mobile patrol app informs you about the right intervals to post the security guards. The objective of the Novage mobile patrol app is to make sure that the officers adhere to safety guidelines.  It keeps an eye on the movement of the security guards.

 Mobile security patrols play an important role in keeping people safe and securing properties. As mobile patrols can cover more ground than stationary guards, they are an ideal choice for businesses that need to protect large areas or multiple locations. With their advanced technology and experienced personnel, these teams offer a comprehensive protection service that is well worth considering if you are looking for additional layers of security.