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10 Signs That Your Water Heater is Going to Give Up

Hot water is something that every household member needs every single day and when it’s freezing outside, you can’t even think of a moment to survive without hot water. Everyone needs hot water at varying temperatures and the job is suitably done by a water heater that works day in and day out with 24×7 assistance from a plumber from Werribee. But we all take this water heater for granted after its installation. We realise its importance when one fine day we don’t have hot water running in our taps.

What is the Lifespan of a Water Heater?

Water heaters normally last for almost a decade, with tankless systems lasting even longer. With yearly maintenance and good care, they may last almost up to 12 years as well. The other factors that determine the lifespan of the heater are its qualityand type. You need to sign a yearly contract with a plumberfromWerribee and stay assured that your heater would work incessantly and efficiently.

What Causes a Water Heater to Give up?

There are various reasons behind a water heater giving up, age not being the only one.

  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Sediment build-up
  • Heating Element Giving-Up
  • High Pressure
  • Loose Fittings
  • Anode Rod Giving Up
  • Leakage in the Metal Tank

If it’s been over a decade and a half, even after regular maintenance from a plumber from Werribee, your water heater needs replacement.

What are the Signs to Look Out For?

Each electrical appliance gives warning signs before giving way and here are certain signs that need due diligence before your water heater breaks down.

1. Strange Noises From the Heater

Banging, clunking, and banging noises coming out of your water heater aren’t good signs. They are indications that your heater needs a plumber from Werribee. It could be because the heating element is breaking, sediment and mineral deposits are jostling around in the system, the water flow is inconsistent, or the calcium and dirt particles at the bottom of the tank make it harder for the heater to warm water.

2. Low Water Pressure

Good water pressure from the cold faucet and low water pressure from the hot water faucet could be probable signs of trouble. Mineral deposits can wreak havoc on your water heater by lowering the pressure of the hot water. Their deposits in the heater can cause blockage in the pipes.

Even low water pressure in your home can be the reason. Consistent supply with adequate pressure is mandatory for the appliances to work efficiently.

Another reason could be hard water as it tends to clog the system faster than soft water. To get the correct water pressure, all you need is to summon a plumber from Caroline Springs.

3. Inconsistent Water Temperature

When your water heater is about to die, the water you receive could vary in temperature. A problem with the thermostat can be the reason behind the inconsistent water temperature. A plumber from Werribeecan help you come out of this soup.

If the heating element is broken, the issue could be even more grave. It would be better to get a new heater rather than ask for assistance.

4. Water Leakage

Minor leakages go unnoticed. It’s better to service the heaters regularly from a plumber from Caroline Springsso as to avoid major trouble or expense.

Water heaters are air-tight, if you see them leaking, that’s a sign of trouble. It may be due to loose pipes or valves. Tightening or replacing them is an option that is a quick fix but not a permanent solution if the cause is something else. Metal in the heater expands and contracts on heating. Cracks in the overused metal can also be one of the reasons for leakage. Turn off the main valve and summon a plumber in Caroline Springsto ascertain the real cause and take the action accordingly.

5.   Higher Energy Bills

Ageing and sediment build-up are the two major reasons for the reduction in the heater’s efficiency. Minerals building up in the bottom of the tank also cause trouble as the heat is not evenly distributed and the heater doesn’t work to its full capacity. Therefore, it starts taking more time than required to heat a small amount of water. This causes an unnecessary rise in energy bills. You need to call a plumber fromWerribeefor help.

6. Cloudy, Smelly Water

Bacteria growing in the heater are behind the gross smell that comes out of the hot water in your house. They love to breed in the warm, moist environment of the heater. Rust and corrosion also cause its growth. The water may look cloudy and has a bad odour. Mineral deposits are another reason for the ugly, smelly water. You need to summon a plumber from Werribeefor draining the smelly water and its treatment. If the problem doesn’t go away even after treatment, it’s time to get a new heater.

7. Rusty Water

Yellow, red, rusty coloured water is a sign of alarm. The tanks in the water heaters have a metal lining and when this lining starts to thin, the tank starts to rust and corrode fast. Regular inspection and maintenance by a plumber from Werribeeis a must. The water tastes bad and is unfit for drinking. You may consider changing the anode rod.

8. Lukewarm Water

If there is lukewarm water coming out of the tap, settings might have been changed to vacation mode. The water also might be extra cold in the freezing months or your usage of hot water increases during the colder months, taking more time than usual for the heater to heat water. If the reason is none of the above, call for a plumber from Werribeefor a thorough inspection.

9. Ageing Water Heater

As stated earlier, the lifespan of a water heater is almost a decade and a half. With regular maintenance and care by a plumber from Werribee, the heater may last longer. With passing years sediment and mineral build-up may cause a lot of problems, to get rid of them go for the yearly program of maintenance.

10. Frequent Repairs

Frequent repairs of your water heater are a fair sign that your heater needs replacement. With every new reason for repair, the possibility of the next repair gets stronger as the repaired parts become weaker and give rise to new problems.

Final words of Wisdom 

This guide is a compilation of all the problems that your water heater may face and why it needs regular maintenance and care. Do not ignore any of these signs and contact NLK Plumbing asap to remain tension-free for your water heater repair.