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Why SAINIK 710 Plywood is the Go-To Choice for High-Humidity Environments?

The plywood work in your house has the potential to be the star of the house and grab attention. Quality, however, is the most crucial factor which influences their functioning. Durability to various temperatures is a key factor to consider while purchasing plywood sheets for your spaces. The SAINIK 710 Plywood is an excellent installation for all areas of your home.

The SAINIK 710 plywood is a very beneficial choice for your spaces as it comes with excellent quality certifications based on laboratory tests. You don’t have to worry about pricing, quality, and effectiveness as they are tested time and again to maintain profitability and utility. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using the SAINIK 710 plywood.

Why is it beneficial in highly humid areas?

Here are the main reasons why the SAINIK 710 plywood is the right choice in high-humidity conditions:

  1. Waterproof nature

The Sainik 710 Plywood is effectively resistant to moisture. While most local sources will claim a waterproof nature of their plywood, the Sainik 710 has passed the Boiling Waterproof test, which makes it the ultimate option in areas that are prone to high humidity, and in turn, regular exposure to moisture.

The Boiling Waterproof test means that the plywood is tested against 72 hours of boiling water. The testing is done under excellent laboratory conditions to ensure the integrity of the sheet is unaffected. This test proves that plywood is an Asli Waterproof variety and can be trusted for your needs.

  1. Warranty

The quality of a product is best demonstrated by the trust placed in it by its sellers. The warranty period reflects how reliable the product is, as set by the owners themselves. The SAINIK 710 plywood has an extended warranty period of 8 years to assure you that your purchase was completely worth the money you spent.

Plywood sheets of lousy quality are available at cheaper rates but need frequent replacing. Purchasing plywood with a warranty reduces the overall cost of ownership and avoids unnecessary repairs or replacements. Quality should be the priority while buying plywood which the SAINIK 710 assures.

  1. Pricing

The SAINIK 710 plywood sheet is priced at Rs. 107/unit (*unit=929 sq.cm approx incl. of GST). This pricing range is incredibly advantageous as it is very cheap and comparable to other market options but bears a vast number of benefits that are not available in other varieties.

The humid climate demands a range of quality for long-lasting usage. Ensuring the plywood’s durability can lead to heavy pricing, which is not economical in many application areas. The SAINIK 710 is the perfect blend of affordable products which come with all the perks of a quality waterproof plywood sheet.

  1. Termite proofing

A significant advantage of the SAINIK 710 plywood is the glue line protection it offers against borers and termites. It has been rigorously tested in labs to withstand withering by termite attacks which can greatly affect the structural integrity of a sheet and hence the entire application of plywood in your space.

In humid conditions, termites are more likely to attack, and termite proofing is much more critical. The SAINIK 710 plywood comes with an 8-year quality assurance warranty on termite proofing which demonstrates the effectiveness of the plywood and the trust placed in it by CenturyPly.


The SAINIK 710 plywood sheets are a durable and affordable choice for all forms of plywood installations in areas with humid climates. It carries immense benefits and is suitable for a wide range of spaces. CenturyPly’s waterproof range, SAINIK 710, is highly effective and reliable for resistance to moisture and termite attacks. The plywood sheets have been tested to withstand harsh conditions making them favorable for extensive use. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the SAINIK 710 plywood today and place an order!