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Fun Cycling Games For Your Kids

5 Fun Cycling Games For Your Kids To Play This Summer

Every summer, when the schools close for summer vacation, the kids are home all the time. These days most kids stay busy with their devices. Even when you ask them to go out and play, they come back within a couple of minutes, saying there’s nothing to do outside. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, we have a fun solution that can not only entertain you and your kids but also help them build a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling Games You Can Organize For Your Kids During Summer Holidays

Cycling is one of those few things that are entertaining, good for your health, and can be enjoyed by everyone. So, we have made a list of five games you can play with your kids that involve cycles.

Cycle Limbo

Limbo is a game where a bar is placed at a certain height. The players are supposed to cross the bar from underneath by maintaining their body balance. They can neither touch nor dislodge the bar, nor can they fall or crawl on their knees. Kids can play this fun game on cycles too. All you need is a pool noodle instead of a bar. Hold it at a low height according to your kid’s age and ask him to ride the cycle under it. The rules are the same. Such games are not only fun, but they also teach the kids how to shift their body weight while cycling, which can come handy when they go biking on trails.

Create a Bike Ramp

Although kids can get excited about little things, a bike ramp deserves their excitement. You can set a bike ramp for your kids with a height that suits their age. Being in the air with their bikes, even for a few seconds, makes kids feel like their favourite action heroes. You can either modify a small bike ramp or follow the number of videos available to create a DIY version.

Relay Bike Race

You can also organise relay races on cycles for your kids and their friends. Make two teams and position them at equal distances on their cycles. Put a removable and reusable sticker or a ribbon on the first kid’s bicycle and start the race. The first kid goes to the second, transfers the sticker or the ribbon to them and so on. Whichever team’s last member reaches the finish line first wins the race. If there aren’t a lot of participating kids, arrange an empty basket at one end and put some balls in another one at the other end. The kid has to transfer all the balls from one basket to the other on his cycle, one at a time. You can play along or sit back and time his play.

Obstacle Races

Arrange a few “obstacles” and draw a path through it that your kid has to ride their bicycle on. The rule is that they must manoeuvre their way through the obstacle without hitting or moving them. Once they reach the end of the path, they have to return to the initial point, and on their way to return they have to stop to pick up each “obstacle” and put them in their bike’s basket. The obstacles can be in form of little boxes, balls, toys, etc.

Pop a Balloon

The pop-a-balloon game can also be used to teach your kids to ride their cycles in a straight line. Unlike the obstacle game, which teaches kids how to manoeuvre their cycles, this game teaches them how to focus on the path they are following. All you need to do is fill some of those tiny water balloons with water and place them in a straight line at equal distances from one another. While they ride, the kids must pop the balloons with their front tires. The game brings both fun and challenge to kids and adults alike. So, even parents can bring a bicycle for women and men and join the fun!


Bicycle games can be fun and rewarding. They are a smart, entertaining and easy way to teach your kids how to ride well. It allows children to explore the outer world, have some activity, and stay away from their video games and devices. The best part is that they also soak in some essential Vitamin D. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some good girls and boys’ bicycles now!

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