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FERES Taxi Clone: Let Your Users Unlock Easy Access to On-demand Taxis

Ride-hailing apps like FERES Taxi Clone have become the best business solution for entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. Not only entrepreneurs but people have also started opting out of buying personal vehicles with the advent of affordable and quick taxi services.

Seeing the success of taxi apps around the world, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that starting a ride-hailing business will be profitable. Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia have started developing apps like FERES Taxi that allow users to book rides, track them, pay online, and more.

Let’s see how easily your users can book rides using your taxi application.

Taxi Booking on FERES Taxi Clone: Simple Workflow

Your taxi booking application will serve as the mediator that connects the riders and the taxi drivers near them.

The application also allows the riders to send requests for a taxi or schedule it at the time they want.

On the other hand, for drivers, your taxi booking app will empower them to accept requests, complete rides, and make money on theirs.

Here is how your users will be able to book taxi services using your taxi app:

Send a ride request

Users can send ride requests from their Android or iOS mobile application. To book the ride, they need to enter the pick-up and drop-off locations and send the request.

On the same screen, users can also see the pre-estimated fare of the ride, different types of taxis available near them, etc.

Notify the driver

Taxi drivers near the rider’s location receive the taxi request. In the notification, the pick-up address of the user is displayed along with their name and how far is the location.

Now, based on the lability, the driver can accept the ride or reject it.

If the driver rejects the request, it is forwarded to another driver who is near the user’s pick-up point.

Get the driver’s confirmation

The driver can easily accept the ride request in the given timeframe, usually, 30 seconds!

The rider instantly receives the confirmation notification on the app if the driver accepts the request.

The rider gets the notification of everything including the details of the taxi number, driver’s name, contact details, etc.

Driver arrives at the location

The driver arrives at the user’s pick-up location soon after they accept the request.

Once the driver has successfully picked up the user, they need to verify the OTP, and only then they can start the trip.

The rider can track the driver’s location on the map as soon as they accept the request.

Trip ends

Once the driver reaches the drop-off location, they can end the trip.

Once they mark the trip as ended, the rider receives the notification along with the final invoice summary.

If they have set up an auto-debit payment option (usually available in the in-app wallet and credit card), the money is deducted from the user’s account.

On the other hand, if the rider has opted for cash payment, they need to hand over the cash to the driver.

Rating and Review

The app allows both the driver and the rider to share their ratings and reviews.

Therefore, based on their satisfaction levels regarding security, safety, and conduct, riders and drivers can rate each other.

Key Features to Make Taxi Booking Easy for Users

Here are some important features you must integrate into your FERES Taxi Clone.


Geolocation helps the app figure out the rider’s current location and set it as their pick-up point.

The taxi booking app uses geolocation to find out where the rider is and gives them the option to pin down the exact location and later on, provide a detailed address if the user wants to.

When the user opens the app to book a ride, it automatically finds their location using geolocation. Well, the feature comes in-built into the system.

Live location tracking on a map

One important feature of a user app is live location tracking.

The in-built GPS allows users to track the location of their driver on the map.

The feature continues until the trip ends.

In short, the rider can track the entire journey right from when the driver accepts the request, pick up the rider from the location, and drop them off at the destination.

Along with tracking the progress of their journey in real-time, the users can also share the ride status with friends and family.

Well, the riders can travel with peace of mind by sharing their live location and other details with someone they trust.

Choose the vehicle of choice

The option to choose a type of vehicle is a great feature to add to your on-demand taxi booking app.

integrating this feature will allow your users to select the type of cab they want to confirm their ride.

As soon as the rider enters their pick-up and drop-off locations, they can see the prices of each taxi type.

Now depending on their seating requirement or budget, they can choose the taxi type.

Luxury or big cars like SUVs with more seats are comparatively costlier compared to mini-cabs or basic cabs.

Social media sign-up

The social media sign-up feature makes taxi booking easier for your users.

By integrating the feature, you can allow users to sign-up for the application without filling in long forms with personal details.

The users can quickly register with the application and book a taxi ride.

Multiple payment methods

When booking a ride, the users can easily choose the payment method they want.

The rider can choose the cash payment if they want to pay the driver in cash or select the online payment method such as credit card or in-app wallet.

If the rider selects the online payment mode, the money will be deducted automatically once the driver ends the trip.

Well, this feature further makes it easier for riders to book a taxi using your on-demand app like FERES Taxi.

Option to book a ride at a later date and time

After choosing the taxi type user wants, they must also get the option to pick between RIDE NOW or RIDE LATER!

In simple words, the user should be able to decide whether they want to take the ride immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

Suppose a rider wants to schedule the ride, well, they can easily choose the date and time on the app and confirm the booking.

This feature is extremely helpful when the user wishes to book a ride to the airport or if they think that they won’t get time to book a ride at the last minute.

Final Words

Want your users to book taxi rides with ease? There is no better solution than buying a ready-made  FERES Taxi Clone.

With the clone application, you can go live with your taxi business in just 1 to 2 weeks.

How? Well, as the name suggests, the ready-made application is already built by experts, tested, and launched by many entrepreneurs.

All you need to do is select the features you want, change the color theme of the application, integrate the payment gateways of your choice, and be done!

Launching your FERES-like taxi app in Ethiopia, you can conquer the on-demand taxi industry without sparing your time and money.

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