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The Lifestyle of a Motorcyclist

The Lifestyle of a Motorcyclist

Most motorcyclists around the globe ride bikes since they like the vehicles and the lifestyle that goes together. This statement still exemplifies what it means to be a cool biker, even after a century-long history of bikes. The truth is that the majority of bikers around the world want to ride not just because they appreciate the vehicles themselves but also because of their deep love of the lifestyle.

An actual “Motorcyclist” Lifestyle

Interestingly, hardly even half the people who declare themselves “Motorcyclists” live by the motorcyclist lifestyle. It is not their fault but the nature of the world. The world binds you with work, relationships, meetings, deadlines and responsibilities. They are all intended to keep you in one place and balanced in life. Yet, it is hard to achieve equilibrium when standing motionless on a bicycle. You have to keep going. The life of a motorcyclist is the essence of this notion. Always in a condition of departure and arrival, always energised.

Many riders would distance themselves and disagree with the following statement. Still, they can’t deny the fact that the motorbike you ride is something you enjoy, but it’s also a part of your lifestyle since it’s more than simply a vehicle to you. There’s a lot more to it. It represents the apex of technology for some. When these vehicles first appeared, they were just bicycles with an engine attached, but today you can virtually feel the sound barrier while riding one.

What defines a cool biker?

Ask any rider what it feels like to put the pedal to the metal on his 1000cc engine, and if you don’t believe him, you can try it for yourself. It is uniquely liberating; some see it as a sign of affinity. It is something that every dedicated supporter of Royal Enfield, the Pulsar Club, or Harley-Davidson fans can attest to.

And the great majority of individuals who go outside every weekend in pursuit of the elbow-down and the knee-down are doing so to imitate a way of life. They are after a life they focus on speed and love and live the fast-paced racing circuit.Then there is the enthusiast for solitary travel who constantly pursues the idea of freedom while travelling over great distances and terrain.

These motorcycle riders have something in common despite their apparent differences. These are all unquestionably hip individuals. They represent deviating from the norm and a desire to live a life distinct from the rest of society. To fit the demands of their particular riding style, they dress differently, talk in a language that anyone outside of their world may not understand, and embody the wandering spirit that the early bikers initially outlined for them.

Machines are such an integral part of their life that they identify their friends by their bikes or the sounds of their bikes.

The Bikers’ Subculture

Even more intriguing is how this biker culture continued to evolve and develop into many motorcycles subcultures all around the globe. Think about the Lady Riders of India. Everyone in the bike community knows these daring ladies who ride nothing below 650cc and constantly challenge society’s mould. They are known for their courage, passion, and cross-country rallies.

Or the Bikers Breed of Dehradun, whom you can easily spot on the bendy hill roads displaying their core KTM Club. There are clubs with nothing in common, like the Indian Bull Riders. The fraternity is open to any bike and biker from any culture, caste or sex.

While these sub-cultures varied in their philosophical views and modes of thinking, two factors influenced their development.

  • One is acting beyond accepted social norms and letting one’s hair down.
  • Two, the urge to find others who work similarly or are kindred spirits.

The Commercial Angle

The irony of the “living the cool motorcycle life” thing is that, despite bikers’ dislike of being mainstreamed, manufacturers quickly saw the value of appealing to these unique identities and made them their commercial targets.

The outcome is the wide selection of machines and their assorted accessories in every bike dealership today. Whatever the case, there is no disputing that once you put on your blue jeans, lace up your boots, and strap on your jacket, gloves, and helmet, the biker comes to life again.

When you become the cool biker, for example, with the new BMW bike, and you feel that thrill racing through your veins and that air of carelessly nonchalance emerging and giving you wings, you are more likely to go with the BMW bike accessories than the regular customer. You can opt for: S 1000 RR, M 1000 RR and even more.

These are uncompromisingly small and highly sporty. These motorcycles maintain the RR’s fundamental design principles. From the front end with the aerodynamic windscreen and the eye-catching LED lights to the side moulding panels with aerofoils and dynamic back end. You can find everything in these options to make you a cool-looking biker.


The bike culture gave like-minded individuals a club they could call their own, a way out for their wandering minds, and strong camaraderie. It also gave the business people a new section to invest in and grow into.

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