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Top two TurboTax Errors with Solution

The user only needs to carry out a few easy steps to fix the TurboTax blank screen right away if they are stuck with it. In Windows, TurboTax must be started as an administrator. Right-clicking the TurboTax icon on the desktop is required. Users are expected to check the box next to settings that say “Run this program as an administrator.”

  • The Windows Taskbar must first be hidden before the user can change the display resolution.
  • The Windows Taskbar should be right-clicked, and then the user should choose Properties, then Auto-Hide the Taskbar. To make the changes effective, the user is then required to click the OK button. The user must move the mouse over the bottom of the screen until the taskbar reappears to bring back the taskbar.
  • Windows users are expected to just click the start button, then select the control panel.
  • The following symptoms should alert the user that scripting is not enabled on the computer and that they must follow a few crucial instructions. These are signs that significantly affect the PC’s settings, not the TurboTax program. The user must exit TurboTax and open Internet Explorer before they can access the scripting system.


There are some benefits to filing the return electronically as opposed to by mail, particularly in terms of getting the refund much faster. A user must figure out what went wrong and try again to know the causes of the TurboTax e-file rejection error since the Internal Revenue Service may reject the e-filing for a variety of reasons.

Resolving the e-file rejection error

  • If the total of the W-2 wages is higher than the amount reported on the return, the IRS will reject the e-filed return. The user may have reported the incorrect amount on the tax return, which could be one factor in the rejection. There is no other way to avoid rejection than to double-check the math.
  • Before the user files the return, TurboTax checks for errors to find any areas that could cause a rejection.
  • When taxpayers electronically file their taxes, the IRS will check that the user’s name matches the Social Security number on the form. This is a type mismatch when a person’s name changes because of marriage or divorce. The SSA must be notified if the user’s last name changes for the SSN to be changed to the new name.
  • The user will be able to directly import W-2 forms from thousands of employers into the tax return when preparing taxes with TurboTax. Rejecting an e-file due to errors is less likely when the W-2 is directly imported.

The above-mentioned information causes and reasons for the TurboTax e-file rejection error.


TurboTax Error 02 can appear throughout TurboTax, including when a user tries to connect to the Internet to update, import financial data, or transmit a return when filing or downloading.

Signs of the TurboTax error code 02

Run Time errors frequently occur without prior notice. This error message might now show up on the screen. It is also true that, if the issue is not properly resolved, additional dialogue boxes might keep popping up. File deletion or the emergence of new files might happen occasionally.

Why does TurboTax Error Code 02 occur?

Several of the reasons listed here are the main causes of the TurboTax error code 2:

  • Unrelated programs.
  • Memory issues.
  • The Graphics driver is poor.
  • Virus contamination.

 Solutions to Fix TurboTax Error code 02

The following are the solution for error 02:

  • If a user encounters a runtime error, they should remember that it is a result of programs that are incompatible with one another. The user is required to launch the task manager first. This will then enable the user to view the list of programs. The user must now select the processes tab, highlight each program, and then click the end process button to terminate them one at a time.
  • A few crucial steps and instructions must be followed and applied to resolve TurboTax error code 2. The emergence of run-time error codes has several fundamental causes, one of which the user should be aware of is virus infection. It must be stopped and removed.
  • The user should try reinstalling the graphics driver to resolve TurboTax error 2. To begin, users must launch the device manager, after which they must find the graphics driver. The user must now select the video card driver from the context menu, click Uninstall, and then restart the computer.

When there is a PC error, it means that there is a problem with the way the IRS form is presented in the TurboTax HSA error. Additionally, the mistake might have happened because of incorrect or extra information being entered into IRS form 8889. The following are the most typical TurboTax HSA error situations that users run into:

PROBLEM 1: In 2019, an excess HSA contribution is reflected by TurboTax.

Users who make additional HSA contributions may be penalized. In contrast, if that amount is withheld prior to e-filing, the user won’t be penalized. Users may still receive messages about excessive HSA contributions even if they haven’t paid extra for the contribution.

PROBLEM 2: The amount on Form 1040 Line 2 and Form 8889 Line 9 may not match up for the users.

Employer contributions refer to the sum that both the employer and the employee make contributions to the HSA. Users must be clear that any payroll deductions are not to be viewed as personal contributions.

PROBLEM 3: Getting a TurboTax error indicating that the user or spouse has an HSA

For instance, if the user does not have an HSA, they must take the following actions to delete all the HSA data. A copy of the W-2s Form must first be generated by the user. The user must then delete W-2s after this.

The preceding information explains about TurboTax HSA error.

FAQs Related TurboTax Errors:

How do I fill out my HSA in TurboTax?

The HSA contribution is typically reported in W-2 box 12 with the code W. This sum is automatically entered by TurboTax in the section for the 1099-SA, HSA, and MSA. Code W reports the total contributions made by the employer and the user.

Why won’t TurboTax launch?

The user must try a complete uninstall of all related files and a fresh download before reinstalling. If all else fails, try creating one by running both a different user account with administrator rights. If you are still confuse with TurboTax errors and don’t know how to fix then you should know how can I speak to a live person at TurboTax. To find TurboTax contact number just Google it and contact TurboTax live person and get instant solution.

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