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What to Look for When Purchasing Small Laptops for Students

Small laptops

There are many checklists to go over when making a new laptop purchase. Before making a purchase, it is important to carefully consider many factors, particularly if you are a student. 

There are many models available in the category of laptops for students from established brands like HP, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, and many more. Ranging from small laptops to pro-max models, you can find countless variants in the market. This comprehensive buying guide will help you with the things you need to check in the small laptops. 

Here is the list of things to check on small laptops:

The Size:

Nowadays, students and even working professionals prefer to buy small laptops. You should always consider the laptop’s size, especially if you purchase laptops for students. These devices are available in various screen and display sizes, and they can have around 17-inch display on the higher side and 11-inch on the smaller side. If you want to buy small laptops, then 11 to 13 inches is ideal, while students are on the move and fancy the compact ones. 

These small laptops are easy to carry with their lightweight. One can take them on the palm and work with the fingers on the other hand. 

Screen Resolution:

Screen Resolution is one of the crucial factors to consider when buying laptops for students. The icons may look small on small laptops but are distinctly visible if the resolution is perfect. You can choose from various brands that provide the best small laptops. For instance: you can buy the HP Pavilion or Acer Chromebook. 

Make sure not to jump directly to the conclusion only by looking at the small size. Make sure the small laptop you intend to purchase and the eyesight complement each other. Moreover, an accurate view model is necessary rather than relying on virtual information. 

The Build Factor:

Usually, small laptops have screens and keyboards just like their bigger counterparts. However, many manufacturers make sleek and compact touch screen operations with technological advancements. You may purchase these laptops for students and turn the computer into a tablet by folding the screen behind the keyboard. Moreover, you must always go with the latest technology while buying small laptops to get the best out of your purchases. 

Battery Life:

Are you one of the many who assume that small laptops do not always get a power source to charge? Well, no. It’s just an assumption and not a reality. If you are particularly buying laptops for students, it is always best to purchase small laptops that do not quickly drain out of the battery. So, the students can carry these devices with them during school and do not have to look for a charging point frequently. 

Remember that small laptops with high configuration are hungry for battery because many processes run behind the scenes. Thus, it is better to purchase laptops for students that consume less energy to finish the tasks. 


Make sure to have enough connectivity in the small laptops. It will help you plug in many devices such as a camera, USB flash drive, and printer. Typically, small laptops come with 2 USB ports, depending on different models. Many laptops for students compromise with a DVD drive to give an extra USB port. 

It is best to prefer a mini laptop with a 3.1 USB port because the transfer speed is much higher than 2 USB ports. These are the latest technology, and you must purchase new ones. 

The Processor:

The processor type is one factor to consider before sealing the deal of buying laptops for students. A faster processor will consume less battery and perform the tasks with ease. Many small laptops come with the fastest processor. These small laptops are lightning-fast when transferring data and editing large videos and images. The majority of the student laptops comprise a MediaTek Octo-core processor that seamlessly provides the best performance without any lags. 

The Storage Space:

Storage space is another important thing you need to check in your small laptops. Although you can utilize the USB flash drive or any external hard disk to store the file space, the latest trend is to get a small laptop that uses PCI-express. These are super-fast, and you can feel the vast difference while buying these laptops for students. The usual storage ranges from 64GB to 1TB according to the specifications of that particular laptop. 

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