Social Walls On Digital Screens & Websites: A Must-Have For Events

Organizing an event takes planning, management, and perfect execution. Only with those things can there be a flawless event. While planning an event, there are many things event hosts look out for, like promotions. 

Speaking of promotions, the first thing that comes to mind is social media. And fairly so. Social media platforms have significantly transformed in the past few years and are becoming less of connectivity channels and more of marketing tools. 

There are so many ways to use Twitter wall for events. Apart from using it the conventional way, you can use social media to create social walls for your events and boost your event engagement instantly and effectively. 

Intrigued? Continue reading to know more.

What Is A Social Wall?

A social wall is an organized compilation of social content collected from a social media platform, created into a feed, and published on digital displays as a wall. A social wall can be displayed at events on any digital screen like LEDs, TVs, monitors, etc. 

Users can create social walls with the help of display tools. Many impressive tools are available in the market that are extremely user-friendly and have myriad features to make your user journey seamless.

Let’s understand how you can create a social wall.

How To Create A Social Wall?

You can create a social wall with the help of a social media aggregation tool. Tools like Taggbox Display are extremely user-friendly and enable users to create a compelling social wall in only a few steps. 

  • First things first, to begin the process, you have to log into the tool. Enter your credentials, or you can sign up to create a new account through different measures (Google, Email, etc.)
  • After logging in, your next step is to choose a social media platform through which you want to collect content to create a feed. 
  • Once you have selected your preferred social media, you have to choose a source through which you want to select the social media content, like hashtags, user handles, user mentions, geolocation, etc. 
  • Once you have your source selected, you can moderate the content. You can filter the content you want to keep in your feed and remove the content you find irrelevant. 
  • For the final steps, you can personalize your feed as per your choice. You can change the style of the feed, and you can choose a different layout and themes that match your brand tone. You can also add logos, ticker, and your brand colors to the feed to make it look more personalized. 
  • After your feed is entirely ready, you can display it on your preferred digital screen. 

Worry not. We will also explain you how to display the social wall on digital screens and websites.   

How To Display Social Wall On Screens & Websites? 

On screens:

Now that your compelling social wall is ready, you can display it on digital screens of your choice. Moreover, you can display it on screens through a simple procedure.

After your wall is ready, simply select the Projector/TV option from the tabs and launch the display through various methods. 

You can cast the social wall from your device, you can also use gadgets like Fire TV Stick, or if you have a smart TV or Android TV, you can simply install Taggbox App in your TV and enter the code given to you in the app and you are all set to display your social wall. 

On website:

If you want to display the social wall on a webpage, you can use Taggbox Widget , the first step is to log in to your HTML website and select the landing page where you would like to embed your widget of a social feed. 

The second step is to generate an embed code and then paste the embed code into the backend of the page.

Make your customizations, and once they are done, there you have a social wall on your website!

Advantages Of Social Walls For Events

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of how you can create a social wall and display it on various digital screens and websites, let us tell you a few advantages of having a social wall for your events. 

  • Having a social wall on your event website can be a great motivator for visitors to attend your event. For example, imagine hearing about an event in your city and going to check out their website. 

And when you do, you find a social feed of user-generated content on their website from their past events. It leaves a great impression on the visitors and increases the chances of conversion. 

  • The same goes for having a social wall at your events on digital screens. It instantly catches the attention of the audience and keeps them from getting distracted. It is a great accessory for holding the crowd together and generating more UGC from the event.  


Having a social wall can work for your benefit. It can boost your event engagement and visibility instantly. 

So, keep no doubts, and include a social wall for a successful event.