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What Are the Primary Features of AWS?

AWS is an end-to-end and continuously developing cloud computing environment offered by a world-renowned company Amazon. There are a lot of services that the platform offers, but primarily, it provisions PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. It helps enterprises with a plethora of favorable solutions through sophisticated tools that satisfy core requirements such as content delivery services, computing power, and database storage. Furthermore, it also entails a favorable subscription-driven model. It is a pay-as-you-need model that allows enterprises to only choose to pay for the service they need at a particular moment. It is essentially a top-rated solution that makes the company receive critical solutions such as throughput, computing, and storage. The high demand for the AWS Online Course in Oman suggests proliferating opportunities in the job market. Furthermore, the continuously increasing demand for cloud solutions in the industry, in general, suggests a secure future as well.

Now, take reference from the below subsection and review a few critical features of Amazon Web Services.

Features of AWS

The vast options of features that exist in AWS make it a legit cloud solution. Favorable features make it a preferable choice among many firms.

• AWS Mobile Hub

Now, this is a common feature that benefits a large section of users. It reaches an enormous number of users because it applies to both iOS and Android. This feature provides support and propels your project development in the right direction through compatible and favorable features. It contains a console that aids professionals in accessing critical AWS services. These critical features include testing, development, and monitoring of the mobile app. Furthermore, it also comprises smooth ways of selecting and configuring the smartphone application characteristics such as push notifications and content delivery.

• AWS Mobile SDK

Through this attribute, the companies can develop an application that can readily access important services like S3, dynamo DB, and Lambda. The feature incorporates distinct platforms such as Android, iOS, React Native, Web, Unity, etc.

• Serverless Cloud Functions

The cloud platform contains API and Gateway that essentially aid users by launching their code and developing it. It makes the job of the user much easier. Primarily, they can work with the platform by just inputting or uploading the code on the platform. The professionals do not have to care about in-depth aspects such as servers because the platform takes care of the whole process. Hence, the serverless functionalities of the platform help the developers in focusing their efforts on application development.

• Databases

AWS provisions a database depending upon the user requirement and project specifications. Furthermore, it eases out the management requirements because the platform manages it significantly. The database embedded in the platform includes Data Warehouse, Relational Database, Graph Database, Non-relational database, in-memory data store, etc.

• Storage

This feature is an economically viable, user-friendly, and flexible database. Now, users have the option of either applying the database independently or putting a combination of databases in use. The types of storage that the provisions of the platform include simple storage service, Amazon Glacier, and EBS.

Now, after going through the characteristics of Amazon Web Services, let us now analyze the advantageous facts of the platform.

Advantages of AWS

The following points elaborate on the core advantages of the Amazon Web Service succinctly.  Now, review the points and assimilate the advantageous facets from the below points:

• User-Friendly

The sophisticated design of AWS allows distinct sources such as vendors, application providers, and ISVs to host apps securely and rapidly. Users have the option of utilizing well-specified web APIs and the management console to readily access the hosting platform of the Amazon Web Service.

• Reliable

Since, it is a product produced, developed, and marketed by Amazon, the doubts over its legitimacy and reliability are very slim.  Consequently, the Amazon platform allows you to leverage reliable, scalable, and secure international computing infrastructure. The usability of AWS along with its reliability has allowed the business giant to establish its multi-billion-dollar irreversible business presence.

• Cost-Effective

The cost-effectiveness of the platform directly impacts its affordability, making it an accessible and purchasable tool to a vast number of the user base. It enables the customer base to subscribe only to those resources that will help your development process at that moment. You do not have to commit to a costly subscription at the start of your project and can readily utilize the distinct resources, computing power, and storage wherever you require.


AWS is a comprehensive and rapidly evolving cloud computing ecosystem that provides users with a flexible, affordable, and compatible way of building apps. The above succinctly explores the introductory points and highlights features such as a robust variety of databases, mobile SDK, mobile hub, and serverless cloud functions. Moreover, the international job prospect can be explored through the AWS Online Course in Kuwait and developing key skills that will aid you in maintaining optimal performance in your profession. In-depth knowledge is non-negotiable and this article will help you get started by imparting your info regarding its basics.