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How to Promote Your Coworking Space Online

From state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities to a flexible work environment, coworking spaces offer everything that can help a business scale. 

No wonder, the coworking industry is experiencing massive growth. In fact, reports reveal the total number of coworking spaces globally has reached around 19,400

Despite the heavy demand, attracting coworking members is a big challenge for shared space operators. The key reason is the rising competition. 

The solution? Coworking operators should invest in promoting their space to gain a competitive edge and attract new members.

Leveraging traditional methods, such as publishing ads in newspapers, magazines, or radio, can break the bank and may not bring the desired ROI. 

On the other hand, online promotion is a low-cost, high-impact method that can help increase business visibility, thereby boosting target audience reach and achieving beneficial outcomes. 

In this post, we will share six ways to promote your coworking space online.

#1: Optimize Your Website for Search

Leverage the power of a well-optimized website to convey your value proposition to prospects. Build a website that covers crucial aspects, such as –

  • Amenities in your coworking space 
  • Pictures reflecting the aesthetics of your space
  • Packages and deals
  • Testimonials of coworking companies
  • Unique benefits over your competitors

The goal should be to highlight the best benefits of your coworking space. Besides, focus on optimizing your website for SEO. This can help ensure that the website ranks appear on top SERPs, thereby driving relevant traffic. 

Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Create an impressive homepage by including visual elements, such as imagery, videos, infographics, and more.
  • Reports state that around 63% of organic search engine visits are performed on mobile devices. So, build a responsive page design. 
  • Ensure that your website pages load within a second to provide a great user experience. Check your page speed performance using PageSpeed Insights by Google.
  • Optimize page titles, meta descriptions, and page content. Include keywords and add helpful information to address user queries. 
  • Colors can influence the decision-making of your prospects. Choose colors like red, purple, red, blue, orange, and green to improve user experience.

Here’s an excellent example. 

Notice how The Address, a leading coworking provider, has thoughtfully designed its website while considering all the above pointers. 

Besides its aesthetic appeal, the website is optimized for search engines and offers valuable information on coworking. 

#2: Create High-Quality Content 

Creating blog posts by adding keywords is not enough to achieve top rankings in SERPs. Google ranks content based on its “E-A-T” guidelines. 

  • Expertise – In-depth and valuable insights about the coworking niche can showcase you as a subject matter expert. 
  • Authoritativeness – Credible, well-researched, and data-driven information can enhance your website’s reputation.
  • Trustworthiness – Accurate content can increase your reliability among the target audience.

So, create content considering these parameters to gain an edge over your competitors. 

Besides SEO rankings, high-quality content can help you establish a unique brand identity. The stronger the brand identity, the more trustworthy it becomes. 

No wonder, leading coworking providers like WeWork create high-quality content for their websites. 

Notice their blog section. It offers actionable content in several formats conveying its vision and value proposition.  

Take inspiration from this coworking operator and draft content in the following formats.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Case studies
  • Research reports 
  • Videos 
  • Newsletters

Maximize your brand exposure by publishing content for other websites as well. Guest posting can boost referral traffic, strengthen your authority, and build quality backlinks (a crucial ranking parameter).

#3: Focus on Local Citations

Now that you have created a website and added stellar content to it, it’s time to focus on local citations.

Local citations signify online mentions of business details, such as its name, phone number, and address. These citations can help your coworking space business gain more online visibility.

Create a Google My Business profile to let prospects discover your coworking space. 

Enter all crucial business-related data, including the following.   

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Services and benefits
  • Operating hours 
  • Relevant images
  • Map
  • Website URL

This tactic will help your business appear in Google search results. Besides, if the user search intent matches your business, Google may display your name in the top three results called the Local Pack. 

Let’s say – a potential client searches “coworking spaces in the long island” on Google. If your coworking space is based in Long Island, Google may include it in the Local Pack. 

More than that, creating your business profile in local directories, such as Yelp, Moz, and Yellow Pages can also bring tangible results.

#4: Leverage Social Channels

Reports reveal that the digital landscape has 4.26 billion social media users. They spend around 147 minutes on social platforms every day.

These statistics prove the significance of social media in today’s age. Develop a solid roadmap to make the most of this powerful marketing channel. This can help improve your coworking space’s visibility and reputation, thereby attracting more clients. 

Here are a few tips to maximize your social engagement. 

  • Post images and short videos showcasing your coworking space amenities and infrastructure. This can help provide potential clients with a glimpse of the space.
  • Decide a timeframe to run the “Ask Me Anything” sessions. Interact with the target audience and address their coworking-related queries.
  • Post Stories about networking and community events on channels like Instagram and Facebook. This can help showcase the coworking environment in your space.   

Pro Tip: Connect with social media influencers that fit your budget. 

Hire an influencer marketing agency to ease the job. If you are on a tight budget, pitch multiple influencers for a free shoutout. 

For instance, observe how a coworking studio called Make Lemonade collaborated with Josie Dye, a television host with 17.1K followers on Instagram.

The coworking company featured her in their blog post and asked for a shoutout on social media. 

#5: Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Focusing on email marketing can be a game changer for your business. 

Here’s how –

  • Massive Reach: Reports state that email users will grow by 4.3 billion by 2023. So, email marketing can help you reach a vast audience.
  • Low Investment: It is a cost-efficient tactic to reach the target audience.

Here are a few tips to ensure successful email marketing campaigns. 

  • Implement online forms on the website to collect details of interested prospects. For instance, you can collect their names, email addresses, and more. Count on tools like Popupsmart and JotForm to deploy user-friendly forms.
  • Create emails that highlight the benefits of working in your coworking space. 

For instance, see the following email. Observe how the coworking space operator highlights the benefits of his coworking space. 

Use a similar approach to convey your message. 

  • Write compelling subject lines to increase email opening rates. Here are a few subject lines ideas to consider.
  • Visit the most beautiful and flexible coworking space!
  • Work in the best coworking space!
  • Cowork STRESS-FREE!
  • Send emails at frequent intervals. 
  • Track metrics like bounce rate, open rates, click-through rate, and more to understand the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. Deploy tools like Right Inbox, SalesHandy, and Mailtrack for accurate analysis.

#6: Invest in Paid Ads

Gaining a massive reach with organic promotion takes effort and time. It can take years for a coworking space operator to build a strong business presence online.

Paid advertising means placing online ads on platforms like Google and social channels like Instagram, Facebook, and more to boost reach and gain quick results. 

For instance, if you promote your coworking space via Instagram Stories, you’ll see remarkable outcomes shortly. All you need to do is ensure placing high-quality images with relevant content to grab user eyeballs. 

Similarly, you can leverage Google Ads to make your business appear on the top of SERPs.

Here’s an example.

We searched “coworking package London” and got the following top results depicting Ads.

Invest in paid ads if you desire the best business outcomes within a short timeframe. 


Promoting your coworking space online can be daunting because of the massive competition. 

The shared tactics can help you begin online promotions without hassles. However, don’t overwhelm yourself by implementing multiple tactics at once. It can impact your focus, and the results may not be what you expect. 

Start your journey by creating a website. Move to social media, email marketing, and more step-by-step. Understand what works best for your coworking space to achieve high ROI. 

About Author – 

Aanya Rachel is the Content Manager at The Address, a coworking space in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, experience, and extensive research in this field. She writes on a wide range of topics related to coworking, the growth of remote workers, digital marketing, startups, and real estate.