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A guide to AC duct cleaning and maintenance

When was the last time you cleaned the AC duct in your home? You might have skipped the cleaning as they are usually out of sight. Some of you will plan to clean the HVAC system thoroughly or hire professional help to complete the job.

If it has been on your cleaning list for a long time, this is your sign to get up and get it done. Indoor air quality is key to a healthy life. It has become even more critical after the pandemic. You can always hire professional AC duct cleaners if you live in a dusty region like Dubai.

Continue reading to discover the signs when AC duct cleaning becomes essential.

What is AC Duct cleaning?

AC duct cleaning company Dubai clears out dust, mold, and debris from different HVAC system components. It is installed in your home and office for clean indoor air quality. If you have installed a central cooling and heating system, these ducts are spread throughout your home and office.

Either you hire professional cleaners or do it by yourself. However, we suggest booking a cleaning appointment with your town’s best AC duct cleaners. The job includes cleaning supply vents, fans, coils, pans, and the central handling unit of the system.

Professional cleaners remove dust, mold, and dirt from every nook and corner. They have the right tools and experience to re-install all parts of the HVAC system after cleaning.

Reasons to clean Ac ducts in your home/office

Do the AC ducts in your home need cleaning? You should book a cleaning appointment if you have not done it in a long time. Filth, dust, pests, and mold makes a home inside the HVAC system.

You do not have to clean AC ducts regularly, or every time you deep clean your home. There are a few signs you should look for when duct cleaning becomes necessary. We suggest you regularly examine AC ducts’ cleanliness to the point when you cannot avoid cleaning them.

Here are a few signs that the AC duct in your home/office needs cleaning:

Reason #1: If you notice a foul smell in your home/office, mold growth in the HVAC system may occur. It is a sign that you should hire professional AC duct cleaners for deep cleaning ducts. Experts have the right tools for cleaning and testing the dust for the presence of mold. A lab test will confirm the presence of mold and germs in your indoor air.

Reason #2: If ducts have become home for rats, rodents, and other pests. It is a huge sign to hire professional cleaners at the earliest. Pests are not only the reason your home smell terrible but also full of germs.

Reason #3: if you notice debris and dust particle in the air more than expected. You should get AC duct cleaning done on time. It is time to book a cleaning appointment with a professional cleaning company in your town. They will de-clogged ducts and remove excessive dust.

Reason #4: No one likes to pay more than expected. Your summer and winter bills are predictable. However, if you notice a sudden bill change, it is a sign that your HVAC system needs a service. In some cases, the ducts are blocked, which restricts proper airflow. So, it uses more energy to flow normal air and maintain temperature. This excessive energy transforms into bills. It is time to hire professional cleaners to be deep clean the HVAC system.

Reason #5: Home/ office renovation is a tiresome job. Workers know about coverup the rest of the things in your home and preventing them from getting dirty. However, dust, dirt, debris, and construction mess find its ways into the HVAC system and other vents. Unless AC ducts are entirely covered, you should hire professional cleaners to clean the after-construction mess from your home and HVAC system.

AC duct cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning AC ducts can cost you a fortune. We have compiled a list of preventative measures to keep your home’s HVAC system clean. It is always good to stay on the safe side. Let us take a look at these preventive measures.

Replace air filters

Install premium air filters so you do not have to replace them frequently. However, if air filters get clogged by dust and dirt, it is time to replace them. Check air filters during your routine cleaning and notice if filters are clogged or not.

You can also set reminders on the smart thermostat for the following filter change. Clogged air filters keep circulation dirt inside your home. It is recommended to wash the filters every three months and replace them after a year.

Maintain dry ducts

Mold growth is possible inside the ducts if there is a lot of moisture. Therefore, moisture control will only prevent the biological pollutants from getting into the ducts. Find any leaks you can and try to patch them.

Clean pans and coils

Get your drain pans and cooling coils cleaned while having your HVAC system inspected by a professional or during routine maintenance. Some duct sections may become clogged with water as a result of condensation. It may grow mold if it is neglected for a long time.

Seal ducts properly

There may be a lot of uncooled areas in your house that go ignored frequently. To avoid water condensation, you should fully seal the attics and crawl areas. Additionally, it will stop moisture from getting into the ducts and harming the surface.

Professional working style

Professional AC duct cleaning Dubai is divided into three main steps. Let us walk you through the cleaning job.


After reaching your home, the cleaner will examine the air duct system. You are examining all ductwork access locations, determining the ductwork’s condition (by peering inside), and deciding which cleaning method will work best for your home. The cleaning will start after the ductwork has been examined.

Duct Cleaning

The cleaner will then set up the vacuum collection unit. To prevent dust, filth, and other debris from spreading throughout the house and gathering in the vacuum collection unit. It is crucial to produce negative air pressure in the air ducts.

After setting this up, the worker will begin stirring the ductwork’s walls to remove contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and other gross stuff that has adhered to the duct walls.

Final inspection

A second inspection is necessary after cleaning to ensure that nothing is overlooked. You now understand how air duct cleaning functions.